The law firm Nieweg was founded in 2005 by the lawyer & graduate economist Petra Nieweg. Since then, the work of the law firm is based on 3 pillars.

The work of the firm is based on these 3 pillars:

– Commitment to excellence

– A passion for justice

– fair prices

Nieweg Law Office stands for:

number 1

A commitment to excellence

The quality of case processing has absolute priority over quantity. Your case always gets the time it needs. Without ifs and buts.

number 2

Passion for justice

There is no justice per se, but it is based only on a contract, which is concluded in the mutual intercourse at any place in each case with the purpose not to harm each other, nor to be harmed.Epicurus of Samos (341 - 271 B.C.), Greek philosopher

number 3

Fair prices

Fair pricing does not mean that the services of the law firm are available at discount prices. Rather, where billing is not based on the RVG, the law firm's expenses and the client's benefits are in reasonable proportion.



Petra Nieweg

With a completed training as a foreign language correspondent for English (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), consulting in English is also one of the specialties of the activities of attorney & graduate economist Petra Nieweg.

FAQthe most frequently asked questions

A: It is very often assumed that an initial consultation is free of charge. This is not correct.

The description of the case, a conversation about possible costs and a preliminary assessment of whether legal possibilities exist at all is free of charge.

A concrete consultation with pointing out possible courses of action can unfortunately not be done free of charge. In this respect, an effort arises on the part of the law firm, which must also be remunerated accordingly.

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