The law firm Nieweg was founded in 2005 by the lawyer & graduate economist Petra Nieweg. Since then, the work of the law firm is based on 3 pillars.

The work of the firm is based on these 3 pillars:

– Commitment to excellence

– A passion for justice

– fair prices

Nieweg Law Office stands for:

number 1

A commitment to excellence

The quality of case processing has absolute priority over quantity. Your case always gets the time it needs. Without ifs and buts.

number 2

Passion for justice

There is no justice per se, but it is based only on a contract, which is concluded in the mutual intercourse at any place in each case with the purpose not to harm each other, nor to be harmed.Epicurus of Samos (341 - 271 B.C.), Greek philosopher

number 3

Fair prices

Fair pricing does not mean that the services of the law firm are available at discount prices. Rather, where billing is not based on the RVG, the law firm's expenses and the client's benefits are in reasonable proportion.



Petra Nieweg

With a completed training as a foreign language correspondent for English (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), consulting in English is also one of the specialties of the activities of attorney & graduate economist Petra Nieweg.

FAQthe most frequently asked questions

Q: Is an initial consultation free of charge?

A: It is very often assumed that an initial consultation is free of charge. This is not correct.

The description of the case, a conversation about possible costs and a preliminary assessment of whether legal possibilities exist at all is free of charge.

A concrete consultation with pointing out possible courses of action can unfortunately not be done free of charge. In this respect, an effort arises on the part of the law firm, which must also be remunerated accordingly.


First and foremost, every client has the right to know exactly what the pricing will be. Right at the first visit, we will give you a rough estimate of what the cost will be at the end of the day. We recommend an open, honest discussion about our fees with each client at the time of the first meeting.

General remarks:

The legal and judicial fees, with a few exceptions such as criminal, fine or social law, are based on the value of the object of the legal activity (§§ 2 RVG, 49 b para 5 BORA). The object of the lawyer’s activity is the right or the legal relationship to which the lawyer’s activity relates according to the order. It is the objective value of the object and not the subjective evaluation of the client decisive.

In the case of extrajudicial activity comes with value-based fees, if necessary, the possibility of an undercutting of the remuneration below statutory fees into consideration. However, this would have to be negotiated separately with the lawyer, whereby the prerequisite is a particularly high amount in dispute and a minor lawyer activity.

For the initial consultation of a consumer, the statutory maximum fee is € 190.00 plus VAT. Depending on the amount in dispute, this fee may be lower.

Claims for remuneration and expenses for third parties (courts, authorities, etc.) raised by the law firm against the client in the course of the processing of the mandate are regularly not dependent on possible insurance cost coverage or indemnification by the legal expenses insurance with regard to accrual, due date and compensation obligation by the client. The mandate processing or its continuation is, if necessary, dependent on the deadline-bound compensation

Cost sharing and assumption of legal protection insurance:

For the case of existing cost coverage, the legal protection insurances will usually reimburse, possibly taking into account contractually agreed deductibles or pre-tax deductibility, the fees and expenses charged by the lawyer and paid to him or even settle a direct indemnification and instruction within the payment deadline set by the lawyer.

A possibly requested by the lawyer settlement of insurance law matters (cost recovery request, etc.) with the legal protection insurance and in connection with the otherwise requested mandate, constitutes in each case a separate matter. This settlement justifies an additional fee claim of the lawyer detached from the other mandate according to the value of the total costs incurred in the justified mandate.

Contrary to common – also by the insurers – incorrectly assumed or communicated opinion, this activity does not represent an additional service to be rendered by the lawyer obligatorily and free of charge.

If the lawyer contacts the legal expenses insurance for the purpose of cost coverage and the request for indemnification with regard to costs incurred, this will only be done after a corresponding written order. Future fees incurred for this purpose, which the legal expenses insurance does not reimburse as a matter of principle, will be charged in each case following the respective instance. Possible advance demands remain reserved.

If not, it is recommended to contact the insurance agent or the respective service offices directly regarding the desired cost coverage and exemption, which will then take care of the matter

Counseling and legal aid:

In case of very low income, there is the possibility to obtain a counseling aid certificate at the district court responsible for the place of residence. If this is presented to the lawyer, only an amount of 15.00 € is to be paid by the client to the lawyer. Forms for the application of consulting assistance are also available at your lawyer.

If a judicial procedure is necessary, there is the possibility to apply for legal aid. Here you can again take the help of the court in the application or make the application through the lawyer. In this case, you will receive a form in which you must explain your personal and financial circumstances. In principle, you will not receive legal aid if your request is wanton or has no prospect of success. The court decides on this.

Once granted, legal aid may only temporarily relieve you of the costs for your appointed lawyer and the court. After the end of the process, you will be asked at regular intervals over a period of up to 4 years about your personal and financial circumstances. If these have improved, it is possible that the state treasury will demand repayment (in installments) of the costs incurred. Opposing attorney’s fees are generally not covered by legal aid and may be imposed on you by the judgment.


As far as civil court and administrative court proceedings as well as proceedings before a state labor court or the federal labor court are concerned, the rule applies that the loser bears all costs. This usually means costs for two lawyers, the court, possibly costs for witnesses, expert opinions, etc.

If both sides lose, the costs are charged to each in proportion to his defeat.

For proceedings before the labor courts, the special feature is that here, in principle, each must pay his own lawyer, the court costs are borne by the loser.



Nieweg Law Firm values the tremendous importance of attorney-client communication and always ensures transparency .

Although we would love to talk to you on the phone bi-weekly, that would not be practical or productive. It is well known that legal matters expand over time, and we believe it is best to keep you informed of new developments. To you, it often seems as if centuries have passed without any activity taking place. In reality, however, many things are done behind-the-scenes. For example, research on the case, obtaining information from civil registers, and much more.


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